FGWD 011: Happy Father’s Day!
In this special episode we have the man, the myth, the ledgend our dad Mr. Randy Bushnell! We talk about the good old day growing up from peeing pants, skate ramps, crazy driving, and being a supportive parent!

FGWD 010: Our friend, Johnny Christ from Avenged Sevenfold​
It’s time to Feel Good with Duddy B, Jake, and our pal, Johnny Christ from Avenged Sevenfold! Episode 10 is all about being grateful and we are grateful for all the memories shared during Episode 10. From jingles, pranking, to pee stories – you’re in for one epic show! Tell your friends and don’t forget to subscribe for your weekly dose of feel good.

FGWD 009: Comedian, Tour Manager of Sublime with Rome, Eric Freedman​
On this episode of #FGWD our good friend Eric Freedman, comedian & tour manager, came by to share some awesome memories. Reminiscing about their time on tour, the first time being on stage, and his history with Mike Epps.

FGWD 008: Comedians, Actors, and Twin Brothers! the Sklar Brothers!
We have two very special guest on episode 8. The Sklar Brothers are identical twin comedians and actors. Randy and Jason discuss how being politically correct helped them be more creative and not be so sloppy with their material but more thoughtful. “…what we do and create is something that goes out into the world and then isn’t like something contributes to the waste in the world…” So much feelin’ good on this episode with the two brothers and we can’t wait to have them back. And the search continues to get Duddy to throw out the first pitch at all 32 stadiums.

FGWD 007: Jalin Turner and Anthony Gonzales discuss what it’s like to be apart of an MMA family.

Theme of the week: team work! This weeks #FGWD the guys interview MMA fighter Jalin and his coach Anthony!
Find out why Jalin picked Anthony as his coach, why the legends value learnings from the new up & coming fighters…oh and guess who owned 200 TARANTULAS. 

​FGWD 006: Taking You Back To That Early Tour Life With Cheez​

On this episode we brought back our good friend: CHEEZ! We take a trip down memory lane with Cheez, discussing our humble beginnings and why staying true to yourself is important. Loyalty, whiskey, weed, and a surprise announcement about the new Dirty Heads record!!

FGWD 005: Good Friend Chadd McKeen

Episode 5 is all about good vibes and reminiscing how we first met Chadd McKeen meet backstage of Sublime show.  So much good energy on this show and we can’t wait to have Chadd on again

FGWD 004: Red Page of Poor Man’s Change

We have the great honor of having Red Page of Poor Man’s Change a Southern Rock/Country band on this episode of Feelin Good With Duddy.  Where passion is the driving force for Red and his band. SXSW talks and the experience to why it’s one of Red’s top bucket list events. 

FGWD 003: Rome Ramirez of Sublime with Rome

The pursuit of a musical career can be tricky. Rome shares his story of becoming lead singer of Sublime with Rome and so much more. Listen to his journey of peaks and valleys on one of our many favorite episodes.

FGWD 002: Winning With Josh Hader from Milwaukee Brewers

Duddy and Jake talk baseball with Josh Hader from Brewers before he heads out to play against the Angeles. On this episode its about winning and loosing in life. Simplify your goal to trying your hardest. Do you give it your all?

FGWD 001: Dirty Heads Manager Mike Brown “Cheez” Talk about What Makes Him Feel Good

Feelin’ good is what its all about and on this very first episode Cheez lets it all hang out. Learn what makes him feel good in life and how keeping things positive keeps things awesome.  If you like stories Cheez has you covered. From the first time he met Dirty Heads “naked” to the 18+ years they spent together.